FOMOEX The Mining and Network Marketing Revolution

Double the Rewards
Filecoin Mining

The Company

FOMOEX is offering an innovative mining system of the cryptocurrency Filecoin, with a winning referral marketing plan. The project was born from the idea of its founders:


Stephen Meade, Chairman

An American business executive, Mr. Meade runs three public listed US companies. Read more on Wikipedia

David Hung, CEO

Owner of the largest Filecoin farms in Singapore, Hold mining farm in Singapore and USA.


FOMOEX unites POW and POS system to mine the cryptocurrency Filecoin. This hybrid allows tokens to be generated with hardware, and then insert into a wallet as a stake. It's a solution for double the rewards. Mining production is paid 100% in FUSD tokens, convertible to USDT.

The FUSD Tokens
1 FUSD = $1


Filecoin is an open-source cloud-storage marketplace, protocol, and incentive layer. It is combined with IPFS, a peer-to-peer distributed network protocol, to make a more efficient and secure web.


The FOMO Linear Plan™

The Network Revolution